Gi (Ginny) Huo

all i wanted was to get into heaven is a multi-sensorial book object that examines the complexities of a spiritual journey and its exodus. Combining archived family images, Mormon iconography, photographs from religious sites, and text from her own personal history, Gi (Ginny) Huo reimagines the past and present landscapes of being Mormon in Utah to navigate the traumatic legacies of religious systems. First-person, diaristic entries floating among clouds are punctuated by silver glitter sheets, Bible verses, and a stop-motion flip book, creating portals into peculiar spaces. These alternative topographies traverse nature’s multiple perspectives and dimensionality, rebuilding from the ruins of colonized myths to offer a threshold that leads to reconciliation and healing. Upon completion of reading the book, viewers are encouraged to press play on a music box holding a recording of Huo’s instrumental rendition of “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

View the Book Launch and Artist Book Talk at Printed Matter’s 2021 Art Book Fair here.

This title is held in the collections of:
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Cynthia Sears Collection
Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Maryland College Institute of Art (MICA)
Ohio State University
Yale University
Virginia Commonwealth University
The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University

Production Details 

11.5 × 17.5 in
132 pages
Screw-post bound book housed in pearlescent acrylic box with rechargeable mp3 player


Edition of 12 + 2AP
Designed by Gi (Ginny) Huo and Small Editions
Text by Gi (Ginny) Huo
Published by Small Editions
If you’re interested in purchasing this title, please email hello@smalleditions for more information.