We accept commissioned projects from individuals, organizations, cultural institutions, design agencies, brands—anyone who needs a specialized project that's in a smaller edition size, which we define as anywhere from 1 to 2500 books.

Editions of up to 50 books or enclosures (like slipcases or clamshell boxes) are produced by hand in our Brooklyn studio.

For edition sizes above 50 copies, we advise and manage the production of high quality books and multiples with domestic and European trade partners, always with an emphasis on creative design and fine materials.

As craftspeople educated in contemporary and historical artist books, we use our expertise to create unparalleled bespoke books, which can be made either with already finished designs, or in collaboration with our in-house design team.

Book Design
We design books, boxes, enclosures, and other printed material. Our designs emerge from conceptual thinking and a thoughtful engagement with content.

As experts in both graphic design and print production, we create books and book-works that carefully consider paper, typography, binding structure, cover materials, printing methods, and reader interactions.

Services include:
— Graphic Design and Art Direction
— Typesetting and interior layout design
— Cover design
— Illustration
— Material recommendation and sourcing

We specialize in a variety of print methods, including offset, digital, spot-color, risograph, and screen printing. We can also accommodate and facilitate projects with special finishing needs, including letterpress, die-cuts, foil stamps, and spot varnishes.

We have long-standing relationships with print partners in both the US and Europe. While standard print options are Offset and Digital Offset, we can recommend the best option based on your book size, run size, and budget. If your project is image-heavy, we can help color manage your images, and advise on the printing methods and paper stocks that create the clearest, most vivid prints.

Choosing a binding method depends on a project’s budget, run size, page count, timeline, and finishing requirements. Our in-house production team works closely with clients throughout the production process to find the best binding solution, advising on matters such as paper stock and cover materials.

Standard projects are typically Perfect Bound or Signature Sewn. For perfect binding we work exclusively with a coldset, archival, flexible PUR. Beyond that, we facilitate special finishing needs, including foil stamps, cloth or leather coverings, dust jackets, fold-outs, and inset images.

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to common printing and binding concerns, including edition sizing, lead times, finishing options, binding options, paper options, file prep, proofing, and pre-press/pre-flight workflow.