Noah Breuer

The book creates a dream-team lineup of 36 Baseball players. Each page appropriates imagery from Topps brand trading cards from both 1989 and 1990. The composition of each page is a magnified reproduction of cut paper collages the artist created by lasercuting actual baseball cards according to an enlarged halftone dot pattern. The original Topps cards were printed using a 4-color offset lithography printing method. The card collages Breuer created as the source material for this book were cut following an enlarged outline of a halftone dot pattern. The compositions in this book (and their card-collage predecessors) attempt to bring the often overlooked and elemental form of the halftone dot to the foreground, making it a central player. By cutting, scanning, reassembling and reprinting, the images in this book have been transformed and rebuilt with some of same methodologies used to create them.

Production Details 

7 × 10 in
40 pages
Softcover perfect bound
Cover materials: Green leatherette
5 color risograph printed


Edition of 100
Published by Small Editions
Risograph printing by Small Editions