Wassaic Project

Here in this remote nook other notes awoke. The first robin against February snows. Atoms of crimson in bare apple boughs when the Ides of March bring a drift of purple finches. April: whitethroats with their notes of “crystal rain,” peepers, and the woodcock’s scaip when some mysterious impulse draws me to the window for a last look at every night which falls. May, with its chaos of exultant song. Even in July the wood-thrush’s liquid notes at dawn and twilight. A wood-thrush and my favorite song-sparrow are having a duet now. A pair of black ducks which have nested in our meadow, winnowing past when they take their evening exercise flight. A grouse throbbing through the soft October haze. Foxes barking, and, rarer, weird screams of wildcats. Horned owls hooting under winter stars.

No, I do not miss the sea!

— Rex Brasher, from Secrets of the Friendly Woods

In the spirit of Rex Brasher, painter of birds and Wassaic local, Secrets of the Friendly Woods is Wassaic Project’s second annual publication. Designed by Studio Bueno, this limited edition softcover book features an embossed wood grain cover, gatefolds for larger works, interviews with artists, and a few secrets: coloring book pages, a fortune teller, a cut-out paper rabbit, a map of Wassaic. (Try to find all 41 birds, too.)

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Production Details

8.27 × 11.69 in
96 pages
Cover materials: 300gsm Gmund Wood
Inner paper: 150gsm GardaMatt Silk and 150gsm Munken Kristall
Blind emboss on cover
Belly band 1/0 spot color
4/4 offset printing 


Edition of 300
Designed by Studio Bueno
Published by Wassaic Project