Cannupa Hanska Luger

Speechless is the exhibition catalog to accompany “Cannupa Hanska Luger: Speechless,” on view at Nevada Museum of Art (October 7, 2023 to June 2, 2024). 

Production Details

9.5 × 12.75 in
Hardcover canvas wrapped, Swiss drop spine
Pamphlet sewn 
Paper used: EnviroValue 100gsm, Profibulk 1.1 115 gsm, Magno Natural 100gsm, Garda Gloss 115gsm
Cover and pastedown material: Canvas Extra R, Dark Olive
Cover finishing: 1 color silkscreen on front/back cover and spine
4/4 + 2 PMS offset printing 


Edition of 1250
Book Concept by Cannupa Hanska Luger, Small Editions
Designed by Isobel Chiang (Small Editions)
Photography by Melody Melamed, Wendy McEahern, Ginger Dunnill
Essays by Apsara diQuinzio, Tatiana Ginsberg, Eden Pearlstein