Adrianne Wortzel

Adrianne Wortzel’s SEE NO EVIL is a drawing and text work in the form of a diary, created by a fictive, anxious, urban person whose life span straddles the 20th and 21st centuries. Each book shows a shaded side of the self; and the text is a litany of questions, complaints and mini-epiphanies. Hundreds of digitized colored pencil drawings are scattered throughout the edition, all reproductions from Albertus Seba’s 1731 "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities." As typical of a cabinet of curiosities, Seba aimed to present an encyclopedic view of all knowledge by empirical firsthand knowledge of specimens. Criteria for assembling and taxonomies were often subjective, favoring oddities, and occasionally faux and unnatural history. Wortzel's savage re-renderings of these specimens are distributed through an algorithm in each book, resulting in randomized, unique placements throughout the text that block out passages around the images, offering different “reads” in each of the twenty volumes.

SEE NO EVIL also has an augmented reality (AR) component–20 of the 165 drawings in the book are AR targets–where animations come to life in devices where the AR app is installed.

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Production Details

8.5 × 11 in
208 pages
Cover material: Iris cloth in red, gold, blue, green
Paper inner: 100#T Cougar Opaque
Handsewn signatures
Bookmark tassels from Schoen Trimming and Cord Co.
4/4 digital offset printing 


Edition of 20 + 2 AP
Bound at the Small Editions studio by Sarah Nicholls 
Written by Adrianne Wortzel
Drawings by Adrianne Wortzel
Coded by Grace Poetzinger
Lasercut by Free-Fall Laser
AR Augmentation by Jeff Crouse