How it Works
— Consultation: An optional step for first-time book makers, or those without firm production specs. See “Schedule a Consultation” below.

— Design: If your project needs designing, our in-house design team will work with you to create all necessary print-ready files. Our team consists of graphic designers, bookbinders, and print specialists, and we pride ourselves on designing books that carefully consider paper, typography, binding structure, cover materials, printing methods, and reader interactions.

— Price Estimate: After submitting your project details via our "Request a Quote" form, we match the scope of your project with a realistic production solution and price point. We advise on possible printing, binding, and finishing options that fall within your budget and timeline.

— Prepress: Prepress is the process of preparing files for print before they “go to press.” Our top priority is to check that all images are printing at the correct resolution and that the color profiling will fall in the desired range. We will call out any concerns we have about file formatting from image resolution to colorspace and general formatting, then we provide you with a digital proof.

— Proofing: At this stage, we provide hard proofs and check for things like color matching, layout, and pagination. For Digital Offset projects, these proofs will be printed on the final paper, in flat sheets. For Offset projects, we will provide 10 Epson color proofs that approximate your press results, and a set of imposition proofs that show the size and position of each page in the book. This is the last chance to make changes to files before final printing, but change fees do apply.

— Going to Press: After final proofs are approved, we send your project to print. Small-run projects are finished and bound in-studio. For larger runs, we partner with domestic or European vendors to print and bind your project. Unless a binding mockup has been requested during the estimation process, you won’t see the final form of the books until the entire edition is complete.

We are a bespoke book studio, and each project we work on is a little bit different. As such, our design and production processes may change depending on the specific needs of each project.

There are many variables that will affect a project's lead time. Our current minimum lead time for any project is 6 weeks (longer if your files need designing), and we charge rush fees to make sure firm deadlines are met.

We generally recommend planning 6-10 weeks for production of standard digital offset projects, and 3-6 months for standard offset projects. All other print or edition projects are subject to the availability of the studio calendar.

Schedule a consultation
If you have questions regarding your book/print project, we would be happy to speak with you one-on-one.

We charge $75 for in-studio consultations (1 hour), and $55 for virtual consultations (45 min).

Ahead of your consultation, please read our FAQ and "How it Works" pages thoroughly. We’re currently focusing on longer-term print and binding projects only. At this time, we’re unable to produce thesis projects. 

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