Rhea Karam

Rhea Karam’s PARALLEL PLANES explores the forms, colors, and textures found in the architecture of New York City. The title is a nod to the symbolism of urban living, where people live side by side in great density, yet their lives rarely overlap. However, within PARALLEL PLANES, Karam suggests that, once a straight line is just slightly angled, it can eventually lead to exciting and unexpected interactions.

Photographs of brick edges, wire fences, and cement walls merge, overlap, and converge in a succession of patterns. These textured surfaces are combined with slivers of vivid color, spray painted onto edges of the prints, adding additional layers to the compositions. Variable page sizes and shapes create additional dimension, changing the surfaces’ relationships with each other and the reader.

PARALLEL PLANES was selected as one of the MoMa’s ten Favorite Photobooks of 2022.

Contact for purchasing information. Editions 9 and 10 remaining.

This title is held in the collections of:
The Museum of Modern Art
The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University
Yale University
Ringling College

Production Details 

11.75 × 16.5 in
34 pages, 1 fold out
Drum leaf binding with German Case
Ink jet printed and spray painted
Cover materials: Belt Sander paper
Enclosed in a custom tarp wrap


Edition of 10 + 2AP
Designed by Rhea Karam
Bound by Sarah Smith