HERE’S TO BELIEVING$16            Gi (Ginny) Huo

Here’s to Believing is a federal blue and fluorescent orange risograph printed zine that draws from Gi (Ginny) Huo’s book object all i wanted was to get into heaven. The zine explores the intricate relationship of self and spirituality growing up Mormon. Through renderings of religious imagery and personal stories this zine inquires the acts of belief/disbelief; fact/fiction; and submission/subversion. How does one redefine sacred places that no longer feel safe? The title comes from Huo’s manifesto, which seeks to commiserate, encourage, and collectively heal with others who have gone against conservative belief systems.

“so here’s to the disobedient, sinful, rule-breaking heretics, the risk takers, the change-makers who challenge the status-quo, curious visionaries who unapologetically boldly live their lives healing and creating with love and compassion. here’s to me and you.”

Production Details 

5.25 × 7 in
36 pages
Spiral Bound
2 Color Risograph printed in Fluorescent Orange and Federal Blue at lucky risograph


Edition of 200, 2nd printing
Published by Small Editions