Small Editions

How to Book is the guide on book making and publishing that we wished we had when we got our start. Composed of tips on research, funding, production and distribution, along with advice from 17 artists, collectives, gallerists, and publishers who make up our extended book community, we hope to encourage the next wave of artists and publishers to get their start. Contributors include: 8 Ball Community, Adriana Monsalve & Caterina Ragg, Alex Barsky & Zack Lydon, Aysen Gerlach, Be Oakley, Corina Reynolds, Gonzalo Guerrero, Holly Meadows-Smith, Jia Sung, Margarita Kruchinskaya, Nadya Agrawal, Orion Martin, Paige Landesberg, Paul John, Sarula Bao, Shannon Finnegan, and Tammy Nguyen.

Production Details 

5.5 × 8.5 in
40 pages
Softcover staple bound
Risograph printed in Federal Blue, Teal, Green


Second Edition of 500
Published by Small Editions
Edited by Hannah Coleman and Hannah Pierce