Brett Davis

Castle Ruins of Kōzuke Province is the highly intimate debut photobook by artist Brett Davis. Shot in Gunma, Japan over a two-year period, the book documents Davis’ transition into fatherhood through bursts of observational photographs. The book is a reflection on cycles of life, scales of time and shared histories. Davis approaches subject matter ranging from children, cats, flowers, shrines, bird feces, dogs, family members, strangers, garbage and sacred mountains with warmth and genuineness. Containing 338 carefully sequenced images, Castle Ruins of Kōzuke Province asks the beholder to return again and again to discover new surprises and image relationships.

Production Details

5.5 × 8.5 in
496 pages
Hardcover with rounded spine
Cloth covered
Cover material: Iris cloth
Handsewn signatures
Paper inner: 100#T Sappi Flo
Gold foil stamping on front cover and spine


Edition of 15
Photographs by Brett Davis
Bound at the Small Editions Studio by Sarah Nicholls