Douglas Murray

Douglas C. Murray’s photographs begin with a spellbound Manhattan caught in routine. In a departure from traditional New York City street photography, we find individuals who are crushed by the towering landscape.

“The sun was hard, the wind was hard, and the streets were cold. It was winter, and it seemed that the only wish on people’s minds was to get away.” — Douglas C. Murray

Thus, the book’s narrative finds its footing in an escape plan, with three chapters unfolding in faraway places: Vietnam, Lima and Lisbon, where faces soften, the world brightens, and there seems another chance. The resulting photographs are a search for self among a new world and new people, culminating in a return to a New York City wiped clean.

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Production Details

8 × 11 in
120 pages
Hardcover cloth bound  
Cover material: Brillanta
Paper used: 150gsm Gardamatt Silk coated and 100gsm Munken Kristall Rough
Matte silver foil stamping on front, spine, and back cover
4/4 offset printing 


Edition of 400
Photographs by Douglas Murray